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5 Tips to Help Prevent Mosquitos

Mosquitos are one of the less desirable aspects of summer, but one that comes along with the warm weather and beauty. If mosquitos have kept you inside more often than you care to admit, it’s time to prepare for this pest this summer. With the right professional mosquito treatment, you can enjoy the beautiful weather and sunshine without worry. Keep the five tips below in mind to help keep mosquitos away from the home.

1.    Citronella: Citronella is one of the most common mosquito-repellents sold on the market today, but there are others that keep mosquitos away from the home. It’s best to stock up on these items and place them at various points around the exterior when you want to enjoy time outside.

mosquito treatment

2.    Professional Treatment: Professionals offer mosquito treatment that keeps this pest off of your property so the threat is gone altogether. The cost for treatment varies but is a small price to pay for the protection that it brings.

3.    Remove Standing Water: Mosquitos come to properties that have stagnant water standing. Even a teaspoon of water is enough to attract this pest. Leaks from A/C units, rain water, snow, etc. can cause trouble. Inspect the property regularly and make an effort to keep water away.

4.    Mosquito Traps: Mosquito traps are available from professional pest control experts as well as at local home improvement stores. Add a few traps to the property and mosquitoes become one less concern.

5.    Wear Mosquito Repellents: Mosquito repellents keep the pest off of your skin where it may suck blood and leave behind a huge, itchy, red welt. A mosquito repellent spray is gently on the skin and protects you while outdoors.

Keep the tips above in mind to prevent mosquito problems at your home.